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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some Photos From My Show At La Va Coffeehouse (2100 South, Philly PA)

These next two photographs are of the Flat Iron Building, one of my favorite buildings.

A brownstone in Philly

My Photo Show At La Va

Flatness: Reflections and Silhouettes of Philadelphia

La Va Coffehouse
2100 South St. Philadelphia PA 19103
Photographs by Francis Raven

Buildings are normally so normal, so solid. However, when you
move to a new place the buildings around you are so strange,
even malleable. That is, there is room for the subject in
this too, too solid world. Taking the photographs in this
show made me notice aspects of my latest adopted city,
Philadelphia, that I had previously been blind to and thus,
allowed me to be a more effective participant in the city.
That is, for me, these photographs are an attempt to navigate
the distance between the solidity and the malleability of the
built environment, between the planner and the walker. You
will notice that I have manipulated the photographs somewhat,
but please note that I have not superimposed images. That is,
what appears strange to you also appeared strange to me at the
time of taking the photograph. This unexpected strangeness in
what might be considered the most rationally planned setting
was encouraging: Even if the built environment isn't built
with us in mind, it can't help but make room for all of our
idiosyncratic perspectives.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006